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What to expect at the first appointment

The Consultation

Before your massage we will have the opportunity to discuss, in strictest confidence your general health, medical history (as there are certain contraindications to massage) and any physical problems you feel maybe in need of attention during the massage session.

You may want a deep massage or you may just want to chill out and relax, we will have time to talk about your requirements and this will enable me to tailor the massage to your specific needs.

During subsequent treatments you will have time to update me on how you felt after the last massage and inform me of any change to your general health and wellbeing.

Postural Assessment

Once the consultation is complete a postural assessment maybe undertaken, this can identify:
• Dominant/Short muscles
• Strained muscles and areas of tension
• Your natural standing posture. ie Shoulders forward, Shoulders back, alignment of hip level, curvature of back
All of the above can influence the massage received. 

What to expect during the massage

During all massage sessions your comfort and modesty is of utmost importance.

With all couch-based massage oil is generally used and towels will be used to cover you, only the area being massaged at the time will be exposed. I will focus on the areas in greatest need as discussed during the consultation.

I am happy to receive feedback during your massage session as you may decide that you would like me to work deeper or lighter depending on how tight and tense the muscles are. 

With Thai massage you will be asked to wear loose clothing and the massage is carried out on the floor whilst you are lying on a futon.
Indian Head Massage is received whilst you are seated and fully clothed. 

How to get in touch

For further information on what type of massage maybe suitable for you, or to make an appointment, please contact me directly on

07745 758510

or you can email me: mail@paultilburytherapies.co.uk

Gift vouchers are available. Please contact me for details.